5 Hidden Photoshop Menu Hacks that you might not know about!

In this video I am going to share 5 actually useful Photoshop menu tricks that you might not know about because they are hidden within the photoshop preferences menu and others.

The first four tips are going to be in the Preferences menu, so Open up the Photoshop – Preferences – general menu.

1. Under the interface menu you can change the theme of your photoshop from dark to light by clicking on the different shaded squares.

2. In the performance tab you can set the HISTORY STATES slider to more than the default 50, and this will allow you to get more than the default amount of undos. *NOTE: the more you increase these slides the more memory photoshop will demand and you might slow down your performance so dont go overboard!*

3.in the Cursors tab you can check “Show crosshairs in brush tip” to get a more precise brushing experience with the cursors in photoshop.

4. In the workspace tab, you can check the “large tabs” feature to give yourself a bit more button real estate to grab and work with if you forgot your glasses or are using a clumsy mouse!

5. Lastly outside of the preferences tab, you can use the Window – Workspace – New Workspace option to set your current workspace as a new default that way you can work with a certain space whenever you please and switch between different workspaces easily without losing your place!


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