5 Instagram Theme Ideas to help your Feed Suck Less

In this video, I’m going to go over 5 popular Instagram theme ideas that you can use on your own feed or account. You can use these examples to come up with an idea of your own, or just find inspiration for your own style of photography.

0:35 Minimal / White Instagram theme: This theme is based around minimal set ups, white backdrops and editing the colors in your photo. Editing involves turning the brightness and contrast up, and the saturation down. You can use apps like snapseed, vsco, facetune and others to whiten and edit your photo.

Check out this tutorial for an example of how it is done!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhoLb9apwyA&ab_channel=JasmineRossol

1:30 Black and White Instagram theme: This theme requires using the same black and white settings and effect to help your feed stand out by by being consistent. You can use some pops of color if you want, but keeping everything black and white sets the tone and mood of your feed and lets people know it’s your picture as soon as they see it. You can use this same idea with any color effect, if you use it consistently.

2:10 Instagram Collage Grid / Banner Picture Theme: You’ve surely seen the banner style Instagram “hack” where you upload a large photo in separate pieces to make one photo visible from the feed view. In my opinion the appeal of that trick has faded, however you can still use the same concept to create a feed that looks cool both zoomed in or out. Dj Mustard or Asap rocky utilize creative digital colalges of photographs, text, and art to create a beautiful theme as well as individual pictures that still look nice and make sense.

3:09 Triplet / Row Theme: By posting in threes, you can create a nice curated look to your feed row by row. Combine this with other theme ideas to create a unique style for your own account.

4:08 Alternate Theme & Borders: Using an alternating posting schedule, you can create an interesting contrast between adjacent photos in your feed such as light and dark. You can combine this with borders and image sizes to create a thoughtful arrangement of photographs on your account. Keeping posting patterns in mind opens up a slew of creative options for your feed.

Bonus: NO THEME: Just post whatever you want, whenever you want! Easy.

These are just 5 themes that i’ve noticed and been able to somewhat categorize. The possibilities are endless if you combine these different elements and concepts into a style of your own. Hopefully this video was interesting to watch and gave you some ideas or inspiration for your own feed.

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