Adobe Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro X: Which is the BEST Video Editing Software 2018?

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In this video I will answer a very common question of which video editor is better, Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro X? Which is better for you, and which one should you use if you are a beginner looking to start.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

Potential Pros- Compatibility with entire Creative Cloud, wider Industry use, extensive features and effects, lumetri color etc.

Potential Cons – Price, learning curve, certain workflows and spec cases

Final Cut Pro X:

Potential Pros – Optimized for Mac users, Friendly UI and media organization, One time Price cost, certain unique features and workflows

Potential Cons – lack of certain features and capabilities, possible lesser usage in team based workplaces, no integration with other popular apps like photoshop and after effects

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