How Sara Dietschy Became a Full-Time Internetter -The Justin Odisho Podcast Ep. 10

In this episode of the podcast, guest Sara “Peachy” Dietschy joins to share her journey in becoming a professional “internetter” by using the power of social media to network, & build relationships around content creation!

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0:00 Introduction
0:59 Sara Introduces herself
2:00 How to Casey Video
7:20 How it felt going Viral
10:35 Power of Twitter
12:50 Getting on the Ask Gary Vee Show
17:00 Clickbaiting Emails
20:48 The Pressure of Daily Vlogs
27:47 Fears of Attention
34:00 That Creative Life Series
39:34 Typical Email Inbox
45:00 Meeting John Hill
53:50 Special Guest Cameo!
58:46 Podcasting on Anchor
1:02:00 Dropping Out of College
1:05:25 Other Hobbies, Hidden Talents
1:09:00 Best way to Reach out to Sara “Peachy’ Dietchy
1:10:10 Outro


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