How Seoung Lee @ChowdownDetroit is Making a Living with Food Photography – Justin Odisho Podcast #13

In this in person episode of the podcast, Seoung Lee joins to talk about how he’s combined his love for food and photography into a successful business using social media. Seoung’s Instagram page @ChowDownDetroit has grown to over 100k documenting his local food adventures, and he’s able to work with restaurants and people to make a full time living creating content around food and dining.

0:00 Intro
4:50 Getting Into Photography Before Social Media
7:00 Why he doesn’t call himself a food critic
15:00 Working at GM, Advertising Agency, & Lay-Offs
23:40 The Power of Social Media
29:50 Starting ChowDownDetroit
37:10 Taking the Risk to go Full Time
46:50 Food Photo Trends
54:00 Growing on Instagram
1:00:00 Sticking in the city of Detroit
1:18:55 Being an early adapter
1:21:00 Outro

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