How to use Snapchat Memories | New Snapchat Update 2016 (Upload from Camera Roll feature)

In this Snapchat how to video, we will be taking a look at the brand new Memories feature on snapchat! Snapchat version is the update introducing Memories, a feature which allows you to pull snaps from your camera roll or memories backup to share older photos with friends and create stories of your own. Other new additions include the “my eyes only” section, which allows to put certain photos from your memories feed into a passcode restricted tab.

In this video, I explain how to access this feature, demonstrate memories on snapchat in action, and also show how these types of snaps will appear in your feed or story. In order to distinguish these snaps from live snaps, snapchat places a white border and timestamp on snaps pulled from memories or camera roll. You can also set your default preferences in the memories setting to determine what the save snap button will do moving forward.

This is a pretty big update, and it will be interesting to see how it affects the experience of the app, and how people use it in their stories that they tell on Snapchat.

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General Timestamps:
What are memories? : 0:07
How do you know if you have the feature? : 0:25
Taking a look at the memories menus: 0:47
Memories search tool bar: 1:55
Editing and Sharing Memories: 2:34
Moving a Memory Snap to “My Eyes Only” : 3:23
Creating a Story from Memories: 3:49
How Memories appear to others and on your story: 5:16
How to Set Save snaps default to Memories or Camera Roll: 6:00
Final Thoughts 6:35


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