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My name is Justin Odisho. I’m a content creator, teacher, editor and more.

I developed an interest in editing software at a young age, creating and sharing work with others online. I took interest in YouTube in it’s early years around 2006, exploring an itch to create and share videos and test audience engagement. In 2011 I created my current channel, getting a start by sharing Adobe Photoshop tutorials. I continued exploring this as a hobby on and off while balancing student and work life, ultimately quitting work to focus on turning this into a viable career path.

I earned my bachelors degree in Computer Information Technology in 2017 and decided to pursue my passions as a business full-time post graduation. I’ve continued experimenting with different forms of content, expanding my current catalogue to hundreds of videos including software education, video blogs, live-streams, collaborations and more. I’ve started and gained experience in many related ventures and fields along the way, cultivating skills in customer service, business, design, sales, advertising & more.

Notably, my work teaching the Adobe Creative Cloud software such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects has reached tens of millions of people across the world. I’ve helped aspiring filmmakers and working creatives both indirectly through my work and directly as an advisor and consultant. My influence can be seen in the work of many modern video editors and content creators.

I’ve also recently started a Podcast, where I am able to collaborate with and share the story of other inspiring creatives I’ve met via interviews and conversations.

I’m constantly creating, posting, writing and sharing my thoughts across all of my social platforms @JustinOdisho where I look forward to continue this journey and connect with others.

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