Photoshop Tutorial: Galaxy Face Photo Manipulation Effect

In this Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a galaxy face photo manipulation effect.

1. Choose your photo. In this case I am using a stock photo of a portrait of a woman’s face. (Stock photo courtesy of Death to Stock Photo)

2. Apply a Threshold Adjustment and select a range that allows the details in your image to appear clean and balanced.

3. Clean up any extra details by lassoing them out with the lasso or polygon tools and fill them with white, or use the color range selection tool to select the black and clean up the selection with the lasso tool (subtract from selection mode).

4. Drag your galaxy image or texture on top of the new black and white result you had and set it on screen, or if you went the “layer via cut” route you can create a clipping mask on top of the stencil cut out (layer-Create Clipping mask)

5. Add text, adjust the canvas size, and experiment with colors, textures and backdrops for you personal final result!


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