Photoshop Tutorial: How to create an Digital Grid Wallpaper or Background

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will be using Photoshop Cs5 to show you how to create an interesting looking abstract wallpaper from scratch!

1. Filter – render – clouds (make sure your colors are set to default black and white)
2. Filter – Render – difference clouds
3. Filter – Stylize – Extrude (Pyramid 30 size 30 depth random)
4. Filter – Stylize – Find Edges
5. Filter – Stylize – Solarize
6. Duplicate your layer
7. Filter – Blur Gaussian Blur to about 5 pixels
8. Filter – Sketch – Halftone Pattern ( circle pattern type, 2 size, 10 contrast)
9. Set layer to screen and adjust opacity to your liking.
10. Create a circular white to black gradient and set it multiply and lower the opacity to create a bit of a vignette
11. Create a color balance layer to add a color of your liking. I chose green.
12. on a new layer, “Image – apply image” and gaussian blur and set it to screen.
13. Create a new Photo Filter Adjustment layer to add more tint of color.
14. On a new layer, use a spaced out custom brush and create a field of glowing dots. Set to overlay or color dodge and adjust opacity to your liking.

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